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14 March 2019

  • Thank you once again, for positively responding to our call made in February 2019, for public submission on issues of concern under the scope & mandate of the Ministry of Justice. We promised the public to respond to them in a report form and indicate the way forward on such issues. We have prepared the report and is now available for your perusal and information.


13 March 2019

Administration of Estates Amendment Act, 2018

Thank you to the industry role players that have submitted their input and comment on the application of the Administration of Estates Amendment Act, 2018. The way forward will be communicated in writing by the Master of the High Court and on this platform.

The Ministry has received input from the following industry leaders:
  • 1. Retirement Funds Institute of Namibia               6. Government Institution Pension Fund
  • 2. AngulaCo. Incorporated                                     7. Fisher Quarmby & Pfeifer
  • 3. DHC Incorporated                                              8. FNB
  • 4. Kuleni Umbrella Dependent Trust                      9. Firstrand
  • 5. Enongo Dependents Trust                               10. Law Society of Namibia

Monday, March 25, 2019 Press Release

Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General launched their Strategic Plan & Customer Service Charters. The two documents are a guide to achieving key performance measures in the Ministry of Justice & Office of the Attorney General.

Monday, March 11, 2019 Press Release

Minister of Justice, Hon. Sackey Shanghala, Keynote Address at the opening of the University of Namibia Law Week.

06 March 2019

Repeal of Obsolete Laws Act, 2018 (Act No. 21 of 2018). 

27 February 2019  Press Release

Statement by Hon. Sackeus Shanghala at session of human rights councilIL, 40th session



18 February 2019

The Minister of Justice and the Russian Ambassador exchanged signed copies of the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters and Cooperation Agreement between the Ministries of Justice of Namibia and the Russian Federation. We will further be signing the Extradition Agreement with the Russian Federation in Moscow in May 2019.