Requirements for Legal Aid applications

Kindly attach the following to your Legal Aid
Application, in:
    1. Criminal matters
    • A complete and up to date charge sheet of the court proceedings
    • A copy of the applicant’s identification documents where available
    • A copy of the applicant’s latest pay slip and or a bank statement of the past or last three months if employed or owns a business.
    2. Divorce matter
    • Copy of marriage certificate
    • Copy of applicant’s identification document
    • Copies of birth certificates of applicants children under 21 years of age 9(if any)
    • A copy of applicant’s latest pays lip and or bank statement of the past three months
    • Last known address of spouse.
    • Copy of pleadings to date e.g summons etc.
    3. Other civil matters
    • A copy of the applicant’s latest pays lip and or bank statement of the past or last three months
    • Documentary evidence of the claim (if any)
    • Identification of the parties domicile or residence of parties.
    • Sufficient instructions as to the type of civil matter the applicant wishes to be assisted in.
    • Indication of any action taken prior to the application e.g copies of a disciplinary hearing, proceedings or pleadings to date.
    • When completing paragraph 14 of the application form, please include the following, in:

    1. Criminal matters
    • A short explanation as to why applicant wants Legal Aid.
    • Whether applicant is in custody or not
    • Whether bail has been granted or not
    • The applicant’s plea to the charge/s
    • Next court dates, and contact details, preferably cell phone number.
    2. Divorce matters
    • The main reasons why applicant wishes to divorce
    • The expected outcome from the divorce, e.g. who should be awarded the custody of the children and how much maintenance should be awarded etc.
    • Indication as to the estate that should be divided
    • Latest pay slip, and if not employed, how applicant earns a living.
    3. Other civil matters
    • The main cause of action
    • The prayers or the particulars of claim
    • Identification of the other party
    • Indicate, if there has been any past or pending litigations
    • The liquidated amount being claimed
    • Proceedings or pleadings to date.
    • Kindly assist us to expedite your application by providing sufficient information, so that the application is not returned merely for additional information